Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Congratulations, you're a winner! As is Kelly Clarkson

So when I was a kid it was my firm ambition to have my moment on top of the podium at the Olympic games. I gave everything a try and I swear I would have been a decent runner if my legs actually had some muscle on them, instead of being like sticks of uncooked spaghetti. My legs were also an obstacle to my being a swimming champion. I couldn't get them to stay near the surface of the water, so I would labour through the pool in a kind of upside down 'L' shape.
Other sporting success was affected by a lack of hand eye co-ordination.
Or timing.
So then I thought maybe X factor? Something like that. However I sing like a cat in the rain.
In the end, I'm left with hoping that one day I may win a minor lottery prize. You, on the other hand, may have won a copy of Song to Wake to. Check your email.
And in a stunted, text version of a rubbish Oscar winning speech, thanks so much everybody who entered the blog hop competition! You couldn't have done it without me. Winning stuff is always cool, even if it's just a 99cent e-book. Okay it doesn't quite merit a podium, a medal or an anthem (though that would be nice). I doubt you feel much like Kelly Clarkson either, but in case you wanted to check, here's what winning moments can be like...

If you left your details, but haven't heard from me drop me a line, I had problems with some email addresses and you may have won. jdfield@jdfield.com

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