Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Brad Pitt on a horse, win a book, have genuine input into the title of another book, and some Mortal Instruments.

What's in a title?
In the case of the title of this post, the answer's easy.
Too much.
But title's can fail in all sorts of ways. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Absolutely. That's right. But its title? Judging a book by it's title is one of the things you're supposed to do.
The Mortal Instruments series are my current favourite YA books, amazing characters, plotting, imagination.
Rubbish titles. 'City of Ashes,' 'City of Glass.'
'City of Fallen Angels' is the best, but it's not actually true, so that's hardly fair.
'The Iron King.' Similar.
There's definitely something about books in a series having vanilla titles. I guess it's difficult to be both striking, and fit into a theme, but I'm going to give it a shot. After 'Song to Wake to' and 'Rock Anthem' the third levels book will have a title that's got something to do with lullabies. I've got two options.

'Lullaby of Lies'
'Lullaby for a Sleeping Lion.'

Please tell me what you think. I'd be really grateful for any input. Use the comments section to tell us which title you prefer, and if you like, tell us your favourite book title. I'm going to start off with 'Legends of the Fall.' Not the film, the book by Jim Harrison, which is brilliant. The film is overblown and histrionic, but if you advance the clip at the top of the page to minute 3:00 you'll find its winning scene. This is how all men should ideally arrive, preceded by a vanguard of galloping horses. It's an Eddy Moon moment.
I look forward to getting your input. One of the comments will win a FREE copy of Rock Anthem...


  1. Lullaby of Lies is my favourite. It suggests a novel full of deceit and intrigue.

  2. I like what Lullaby for a Sleeping Lion implies about the story, but I think Lullaby of Lies is a lot catchier!:)

    I am curious, how did you choose to go with the musical titles for this series?:)

  3. I wanted something that was a bit more interesting than the one word themes of books like mine, and a theme that could be either romantic or dark in association. I've got ballad, battle cry, elegy, chorus, serenade, duet, lament, dirge, aria, hymn, chant, even Rap...

  4. The Liar Lullaby sounds way better!!! Xoxo... VDC (

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