Sunday, 23 October 2011

Charlie Sheen's Secret, a Review of Hush Hush, and some Wayne Rooney

I didn't like Hush Hush. Why? Two Reasons. The first is because of the character Patch. He's rude, a bully, unpleasant. He works with a shy, sweet girl in class and he's unhelpful, makes sexual insinuations, and tries to scare her. He makes Charlie Sheen look like a saint. Why is it that in stories being a 'bad boy' somehow means you're guaranteed to get the girl. I don't get it. Watch the clip of Charlie Sheen, current bad boy supremo. Though he seems to have his Goddesses, he's also a laughing stock. That's how Patch would be treated in the sequel if I wrote it. everybody pointing at him and laughing.

The second reason is the heroine, Nora Grey. She's almost as mad as Charlie Sheen. She repeatedly realises that such-and-such a course of action is crazy dangerous, and then does it anyway. And gets in horrible trouble. She's rescued, and then proceeds to do something idiotic the next chance she gets

And now I've thought of a third reason. The way the mystery is revealed is cumbersome and completely unbelievable. Nora googles fallen angels and all the information is there there. Patch's secret is completely explained in three minutes.

Having ranted a bit, I should also say that the story's not all bad. It's well written and the dialogue is very tight. Considering she's such a wimp, Nora has some very sharp one liners, as does her best friend Vee. One of the funnest parts of the story is when they get into little confrontations with their arch enemy at schools. Most of the lines are about hair, clothes, and being fat, but some of them sting.

The other character with some sharp lines (though his are generally either about having sex with Nora, or hurting her somehow) is Patch himself. And now we've got back to the subject of the mystery man himself, let's look at another current bad boy, who demonstrates what REALLY happens if you get over excited even a little bit, and break the rules.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Song to Wake to - Available now in full!

 Here it is!
 The complete version of Song to Wake to, 71,500 words.

Sixteen-year-old Maddy Bride starts at a new school in the countryside. She knows she’ll have to deal with sports obsessed rich kids, cliques, and pressure. She doesn’t expect myths from the shadowy past to be taking place around her. Not only are the legends unfinished. They’re starting all over again.

Her new classmate, Eddy Moon, is awkward, and shy, and has lived a life of hardship and loneliness. As his strength and sense of purpose become more and more striking, Maddy comes to believe that he may have a place in the stories. At the same time she realises that the place she wants is by his side.
Closeness to Eddy brings Maddy another shocking realisation. Not only is he a mythic hero returned to life in the countryside, but maybe she too has a place in the legends. Torn between normality and her attraction to the magnificent Eddy Moon, Maddy has to decide who she is, who she is going to be, and whether stories must end the same way twice.

This is the first book in the LEVELS series. The second, 'Rock Anthem' will be released in November 2011 and the third in January 2012.

Pleeeeease buy it, read it, tell your friends to read it, write a review of it on your blog.