Sunday, 2 October 2011

Song to Wake to - Available now in full!

 Here it is!
 The complete version of Song to Wake to, 71,500 words.

Sixteen-year-old Maddy Bride starts at a new school in the countryside. She knows she’ll have to deal with sports obsessed rich kids, cliques, and pressure. She doesn’t expect myths from the shadowy past to be taking place around her. Not only are the legends unfinished. They’re starting all over again.

Her new classmate, Eddy Moon, is awkward, and shy, and has lived a life of hardship and loneliness. As his strength and sense of purpose become more and more striking, Maddy comes to believe that he may have a place in the stories. At the same time she realises that the place she wants is by his side.
Closeness to Eddy brings Maddy another shocking realisation. Not only is he a mythic hero returned to life in the countryside, but maybe she too has a place in the legends. Torn between normality and her attraction to the magnificent Eddy Moon, Maddy has to decide who she is, who she is going to be, and whether stories must end the same way twice.

This is the first book in the LEVELS series. The second, 'Rock Anthem' will be released in November 2011 and the third in January 2012.

Pleeeeease buy it, read it, tell your friends to read it, write a review of it on your blog.


  1. All the best, Joe. I'll keep my fingers crossed you hit the top ten in the Kindle download chart :-)

  2. I just finished the book and I absolutely loved it!!!! The only despairing part is that rock anthem is not released yet!

  3. helllooo! it's november and i am jonesing for the next book!!!!

  4. I'm currently planning on December 1st release... really sorry. The book is longer and more complicated than the 1st... Soon, soon...

  5. Rock Anthem? Please Please Please say it will be soon. :) LOVED part 1 and 2. THANK YOU!!

  6. it's coming, I'm going as fast as I can. it's just, you know, life gets in the way. not much further to go though, maybe another week?