Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Perfectly Delightful Paperback Dolls

Two weeks ago I had an amazing conversation with the awesomely named 'Paperback Dolls,' a readers group, far away in the Rocky Mountains. After we sorted out the tricky time difference stuff (they were having brunch, I'd just got back from work) we got on like a house on fire.

If you want a mental image, they're like this...

 We got on so well that I wanted to have the chat all over again, but this time I asked the questions. Here's what we said.

JF: So, I should have asked this before, its such an obvious question. Why are you called the Paperback Dolls?

Dolls: We found the name on line. Since we started we call each other dolls. So we thought the name fit and it stuck.

JF: Cool. Tell me about yourselves, why did you start. How often do you meet? What do you do when you meet?

Dolls: We started about a year and a half ago. One of our mutual friends posted on her face book page asking if any one was interested in joining a book club and we all responded. We met and we all hit it off immediately. We meet every three weeks and usually try to pick two books to read. When we meet we each bring a snack to share.

JF: What kinds of books do you like? Why? Who are your favorite authors? Do you ever disagree? 

Dolls: We actually like any kinds of books. We have everyone give suggestions about a week before our next chat. Then we put the suggestions into a hat and draw. We like a lot of YA authors. We are really not picky. We all agree as long as it is a good story. We like Stephen King, JD Field, Gillian Flynn , Colleen Hoover, James Patterson, Alma Katsu well pretty much anyone who writes a great story. We do disagree once in awhile, but that is what makes a good discussion.

JF:Who reads the most? 

Dolls: We all do! That’s why we meet every three weeks!

JF: Yep, two books every three weeks is pretty good going. What else do you do when you meet, apart from talk about the books? 

Dolls: We talk about our lives, kids, family, day’s. Pretty much anything. We all get along really well and can discuss anything with each other. In fact, there has been a couple of times where we don’t even get to the books even though we have all read them.

JF: Like another bookclub I know...

JF: What are you reading next?

Dolls: We are currently reading A Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling and Confessions of a Murder Suspect by James Patterson.

JF: Interesting. Let me know what you think. Why do you like the Levels series? Which book and character do you like and why? 

Dolls: We love the Levels series because it is a new twist on an old beloved story. Maddie is one of our favorite characters. She just has this great humor about her and you can connect instantly to her. And she has these Laugh out loud moments in the books. And Rami because he just goes with the flow.

JF: What’s your favorite bit? What do you wish happened, but didn’t?

Dolls: Rock Anthem is our favorite because we were able to get more involved with more characters. We would like Maddie do delve a little more into her powers. And maybe have Jon have a new love interest.

JF: What did you want to happen next? Or further down the series. If you could have anything? Who do you want to see more of? 

Dolls: I think you touched on this a bit during our Skype session, but learning more about each of the Four Horsemen and Eddy would be pretty cool...back story on each of them, in their points of view. And of coarse finding out if Eddie and Maddie are meant to be together.

JF: Tell me something interesting about the Paperback Dolls.

Dolls: We went into this book club as strangers. We all had one common friend. Now we are a year and half into it and we made these amazing connections with each other. We are very diverse. We all have different tastes but yet the same and we can always agree to disagree.

JF: Thanks so much for coming back for more chat, Dolls. You have a really cool story of how books can bring people together. To be honest, if I hadn't talked to you guys, and been put under a bit of pressure, I probably wouldn't have started on Levels 4 yet, so you're really having an impact...

In the meantime, if any other reader has a reading group that would like to talk, any way you like, please get in touch. I love to hear from readers.