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Levels Series

Song to Wake to

Meet Maddie and Eddy, and watch their romance begin. Learn some of the mystery of Levels College, and of the main characters' pasts.
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Rock Anthem
Sequel to Song to Wake to. Maddie and Eddy's relationship deepens and we learn more about Maddie's friends. the intriguing Jon Esmere makes his first appearance.
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Lullaby of Lies
The third in the Levels series brings Eddy and Maddie's story to a climax. They both look death in the face, while other characters from their world take terrifying new turns.
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Reason to be Shy
A 30 page novellette, set in the Levels universe, introducing the heroine of Levels 4, and a whole lot of mystery.
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The Water Book

Volume 1: The Water Book
Fitch the foster boy gets a very peculiar summer job in the marine biology department of a university. He learns more than he ever guessed there was to learn about whales, and about himself. It takes all his new knowledge to avoid complete disaster.
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(Ox Purcell stories have ADULT themes)

Weirdo Beach
Ox Purcell is a big man with bigger problems. In Ukraine, Ian, Hal, and Pottsy are struggling to get by. This is a book about trying to stay out of trouble, making trouble, and how it's possible to do both.
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  1. I've just read your Urban Fantasy series and enjoyed it, but I have a problem. You didn't end it properly. What happened between Vivienne and Hurley? How did they get out of the bottom of the lake? What happened between Jon and Eddy? In the Epilogue the other six knights woke up, but what happened to Mordred? Did he survive or was he killed by the cavein? What happened to the Lieutenant? Did she drown in the lake or did Eddy kill her as he killed Morgan? And what happened to the Four Horsemen and Pippa? I believe that you should answer these questions so that the book is complete. I had the feeling that when I read the end of Lullaby of Lies that you suddenly got tired of writing this story and wanted to get on to something else. Maybe even continue on the Four Horsemen, Eddy and Maddie save the world.