Friday, 21 November 2014

I'm Back

The date at the top of each post is like I've personally been blog shamed.
Honestly I've been busy, though. Not busy writing or selling books, unfortunately. Just busy with life and travels. Here are some of the places I've been.
 Dubai. The tallest building in the world. Dubai is a made up city, like the trade city where Luke and Obi-wan go in the first star wars film. My hotel was filled with Europeans (in an Arab country) but boasted a Phillipino nightclub on the 2nd floor. Just... because.

The fountain show at the Dubai Mall is off the hook. That's all.
 Muscat. Too hot. Even as the sun sets on the Persian gulf. Here I met a cricket-playing Arab, who learned it from hanging out with all his Indian friends.

Casablanca. A mosque on a promotory by the sea. The sea road fills with thousands of people gathering there to see the sunset.
And here's Casablanca Soukh. A rambling maze of white painted lanes, where you can buy almost everything AND get your hair braided.

This gets me to the end of May. But it already shows, I think, that truth is way stranger than fiction, the world is an amazing place, and I shouldn't waste so much energy trying to make stuff up, when what's already there is way weirder and cooler than anything I could come up with.