Saturday, 14 February 2015

Ukraine Story

What's going on in Ukraine is horrible. I feel it, because Ukraine is close to my heart. I lived there for three years. Three of the best years of my life. It's a beautiful country, filled with beautiful people, and when I was there it seemed to be edging its way out of hard times.
Now its right back amongst them, worse than ever.
It was so good that I wrote a book about it. A book that's set in the ex-patriate community of Kiev, asa well as small town England. It's mainly about the kind of people that cross these boundaries, and about the kind of people, and adventures, they find when they do so. There's also a bit of steroid addition, some EFL, and a lot of anxiety.
Unsurprisingly I used a pseudonym. It's not for children. Be warned.
Tomorrow, February 15th, and the day after it's free on Amazon.

2019 advetures, here...

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  1. JD Field when do you plan to release the fourth levels book????? I'm dying to know what happens.