Friday, 22 November 2013

What concept did I invent today? And how did it turn out? What are the top ten YA books of the year? Lena Dunham and Girls 3.

I invented the November resolution.

The concept is simple. If things are worth doing, then why wait til January? Get them done. What are mine?

1. Surf the internet more imaginatively. Find cool stuff. Learn. Get new perspectives. Up until today I mainly bounced between my four or five favourite little corners, which is crazy, because the internet is like a massive magical world.

Here's one of the things I found today: TOP TEN YA NOVELS OF 2013. Which have you read? I only managed one, but I definitely need to check out Rainbow Rowell.

Another brilliant discovery was VULTURE, where I came across tons of cool stuff, including the GIRLS teaser.

2. Get a pinboard. An actual physical pinboard on the wall behind my desk. Okay, I did this two days ago, but I started using it today. The plan is that random ideas will go there, instead of in a dozen scattered notepads. I'll see them every day, and add to them, and rearrange them, and be prompted to do stuff about them.

3. Blog more. My last post was on Monday, four days ago. Job done.

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