Sunday, 11 August 2013

Levels 4 (The Walled Lake) FINISHED

So far Levels 4 stands at 112,843 words, though I've written and deleted far more. Today, though, I wrote the best two:

It's been hard going, weaving together a couple of different story lines from the first three books, giving prominence to all the old characters and adding some new ones, has been difficult. There was a patch in the middle where drawing all the threads together was really, really hard, but then, when I started to wind up the tension towards the end, writing got easier and more fluid, until this weekend I wrote the two big, climactic scenes not far from here:

This is the treasury at Petra, lit by candles. Relevant to the story in an Indiana Jones kind of way...

I'm giving myself a week to maybe knock out a quick short story, and let things settle, then I'm getting into redrafting and cover design. Hopefully it won't be long until the story is on your Kindle...


  1. I'm glad. Nor can I. Really excited to see what everybody thinks...

  2. YAAAY I loooove this series and I'm super excited for when I'll be able to read this! I literally read the first 3 books in five days because I was so hooked on them!

    1. Hi Cherisse, your feedback is so welcome! I hope I can keep entertaining you...