Monday, 11 June 2012

In the footsteps of Indiana Jones, skirting The Capitol, avoiding Alicante to the Eighth Wonder of the World, accompanied by The Petshop Boys

This was me last week. Really. If you saw this in the movie and thought Steven Spielberg has a fantastic imagination, well you're right, but he didn't invent any of this. Petra is real, and it's completely amazing. You enter it down a winding road through what is essentially a long, narrow crack in the rock.

At the end of the road-in-the-crack you come to what was once the main square of Petra.

Two Thousand years ago. It’s really amazing and it’s really real. Who needs Alicante, or The Capitol, when you have this… I've been to a wonder of the world, and it's pretty cool.

As well as seeing Petra, I was driven around the desert a lot, which is interesting at first, but then all gets a bit samey. Fortunately I filled the time by finishing off the first draft of Lullaby of Lies, the third Levels book.

Now I’m rewriting it, as well as getting ready for the other exciting events this month… I’m going to tell you about two, now, but watch this space.

Song to Wake to is going to be released in paperback.

I’ve given it a bit of an edit (the eBook version as well). The marvellous Oliver Prentice is working on the cover, and it’s going to hit the shelves of Amazon and hopefully other places on my birthday, June 30th.

The other thing I’ve done is started a TUMBLR for Song to Wake to. Essentially, it’s bits of text and the music or film that goes with them, or maybe even inspired them. Guess which scene THIS marvellous song goes with. Answers on a postcard...

Please go and have a look at all the other bits HERE and tell me what you think. If you've got any suggestions for other clips and bits of text that go together, then pleeeease let me know. Anybody really inspired will probably win a free book, or something.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Poor Spielberg has dropped in the adoring-meter rating. So sad. :-(

  2. I can't begin to tell you how jealous I am about your trip to Petra. Amazing!! If you took pictures, please post them.

    As for the Pet Shop Boys song, I have a guess about the scene it inspired. I'd imagine, because of the images, it's the scene where Maddie is attacked by the dogs, but... the lyrics contradict this and make me wonder if it might be one of the London scenes.