Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Phantom of the Opera Back to Life, Kristine Goodfellow, and stories retold.

The Phantom of the Opera is one of the most famous stories ever told. Transformed from a novel into a musical that took the world by storm, it has now been turned into 'Phantom: Edge of the Flame,' a novel by Kristine Goodfellow. Kristine recently spoke about it  - and her writing HERE, with fellow author Amaleen Ison.

Revisiting well known stories and twisting them into something new is a trick I'm very fond of myself. I did it first with the Quaravan Quartet, then again with The Water Book and its connections to Moby Dick. One of the oldest stories is at the heart of  Song to Wake to - if you've read it, you'll know what I mean, if not, I don't want to spoil it.

Playing with well known stories gives writers the chance to play with reality and fiction. If a book you're refers to something else as fiction, then the book in your hand may seem a little closer to the truth.

However real it may or may not be, 'Edge of the Flame' is a hell of a read, when you've finished listening to the song, hurry on over to Amaleen's blog and take a look.

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  1. Kristine is one hell of a storyteller. Erik's character is deepened through her wonderful novel.